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    Issue Dated Oct 19 2015
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    Issue Dated Oct 19 2015
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There is a huge shortage of doctors and nurses across the globe.
15 million people in India are blind, which is 50 per cent of world's blind populationBy Peyush Bansal
Nilanjan Banik and Philip Stevens
The global pharmaceuticals industry is in a tizzy.
Meditation is the basis for all inner work. One of the best things that one can discover is a dance meditation.
India has decided to delay implementation of bigger health warnings on tobacco packaging by a year until April 2016, as pressure mounts on New Delhi to take urgent steps to reduce tobacco consumpti
Healthcare is highly-targeted and increasingly vulnerable as the next wave of connected devices hits an already complex technology environment, releaved  Websense Security Labs™ 2015 Healthcare Dri
Digital healthcare startup Practo, on Thursday (24 September) announced the acquisition of rival firm Qikwell, a leader in appointment scheduling at hospitals for an unrevealed amount.
Healthcare Startups Turn Up The Heat
The opportunity for healthcare delivery is going to be $160 billion by 2017.
US-based hCentive Inc, a health insurance exchange solution company, has announced ambitious investment and hiring plans for its R&D centre in India.
Bengaluru and San Francisco-based online health and wellness startup, CureJoy has raised $1.15 million funding in Pre-Series A round, from Accel Partners, India.
Online doctors discovery platform Practo has aquired Insta Health Solutions, hospital information management solution (HIMS) for  $12 million.
Making prognostications about which technologies will be popular in 20 years can be tricky.
It is a sad, but undeniable, fact that India will soon bear the largest burden of lifestyle diseases in the world.
For nearly two years, Parkway Pantai has delayed the opening of its 450-bed India hospital, the Singapore-based medical firm's bid to cash in on one of Asia's fastest growing private healthcare m
PM Health and Life Care (PMHLC) Founder Phaneesh Murthy on Monday (24 August) said Zigy.com, the country's first health exchange, will raise a capital of $10 to 12 million by the end of this year,
CII and Eli Lilly release white paper on diabetes care, reports Simar Singh
Graveyard shift and erratic work hours have made Bengaluru the hub of lifestyle diseases, reports K Chandra Mohan  
Arterial Pulse Analyzer and ImmunizeIndia has won the "Networked India 2015". The winning projects were given cash rewards of Rs 5 Lakh each.
Save the Children teamed up with RB India to reduce children deaths from diarrhoea.
For a country that seeks to become a global power, there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of its citizens.
Most pharmaceutical companies in India – both multinationals and domestic – are still shying away from leveraging the huge opportunities that exist on the digital platforms, says a study conducte
The government’s efforts to boost the domestic medical devices sector do not have a serious ring about themBy Joe C. Mathew
Mark Britnell, chairman and partner, Global Health Practice, KPMG, talks to BW’s Joe C.
As much as 86 per cent of the rural population and 82% of the urban population is without health-expenditure support. 
India's IT outsourcing firms are betting on U.S.
IT firm Tech Mahindra Ltd is setting up a new unit to sharpen its focus on winning contracts in the healthcare industry, one of the fast-growing segments for the outsourcing services providers, a
The Delhi government on Tuesday told all resident doctors on strike to resume work with immediate effect and was planning to invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) to force an end t


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